About Us

Welcome To U and Me Support

We are a passionate team of web designers and developers on a mission to spread awesomeness. Designing and developing websites has been a second habit.

Who Are We?

Who Are We?

U and Me Support is a leading Web Development company based in India. Since our inception, this Group has grown exponentially.



What We Do

What We Do

We are a digital transformation company specialized in Customized Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Online Marketing, Android & iOS App Development, E-Commerce Development to Web Hosting & Domain Registration.



Our Mission

Our Mission

We continuously strive to revolutionize the way you conduct your day-to-day business by delivering innovative web services, multimedia and software products.



Our History

With the launch of the World Wide Web, We are fortunate to recognize (enough to start a company) the tremendous marketing opportunity of this new medium.We began building websites to work on Netscape Navigator v1.0, using HTML v1.0. We created standards for how we wrote the code, how we named the images, and how we organized our files to ensure things were done consistently.This same attention to detail, creation of best practices, and standardization of systems and processes are still seen in all we do at U and Me Support. 

We would meet with companies and tell them that they were going to need a website. Most of the time, people had no idea what we were talking about and insisted they were not a “computer” company. Others would say, “our customers would never look for us on the computer”.

Our evolution from an internet marketing and web design company into a full-service, fully-integrated ad agency reflects how web-based communications and interactive tools have become the norm in most consumer’s day-to-day lives. It is where they begin their search for any products and services.  It is how they evaluate the quality of what your business has to offer. Your website is no longer a somewhat removed computerized marketing tool – it is your company’s face to the world.

At U and Me Support we have passion, we embrace constant change, we listen, we learn, we understand behavior, we celebrate, laugh and lead.We rarely come across a business or organization that does not make vast improvements in their marketing returns by utilizing our fully integrated services. We are a one-stop provider who can bring it all together.We have always offered any organization the chance to get to know us better through a free initial Strategic Review. We would like to extend this same offer to you.


Our 6D Process


  • Decide on business justification
  • Decide on project scope
  • Establish project organization
  • Review and agree on scope


  • Define business requirements
  • Evaluate business process and application alternatives
  • Define high-level design and options
  • Define project plan
  • Recommend solutions
  • Review and agree on requirements and preliminary design


  • Design
  • Evaluate current technical architecture
  • Develop technical infrastructure
  • Review and agree on technical architecture


  • Develop detailed requirements
  • Develop code and test application components
  • Develop help and training material
  • Test the application
  • Review and agree on application test results/completion
  • Review and agree on roll-out plan


  • Deploy application
  • Implement application support
  • Confirm satisfaction with application
  • Agree on project completion


  • Post implementation support
  • Enhancements
  • Back office support
  • Call Center support
  • E-Mail Support

Low operating costs make the services of U and Me Support very affordable in comparison with other companies. We provide sufficient resources at a significantly lower cost, making U and Me Support the best web development partner for effective businesses.

We firmly believe in time limits. All our projects have always been completed on time. Our proven track record bears testimony to this. We are completely aware that any delays in your project can hurt your business. Therefore, we always deliver on the dot.

Just as we believe in time management, we also believe in the quality of our products and always try to achieve the best product quality. This can be done only by combining innovation, strong management and active communication during the development process. We provide our clients with solutions and not the problems.

As a leading web partner, U and Me Support incorporates the best web design, web development and SEO techniques according to today’s market demand & complex business environment to help take your business to the next level and for that our experienced & team of specialists work very hard.

Our customer service strategy is a demonstration of the distinction we provide our customers. As a web solutions company, it is our aim to provide the best customer service compared to any other online marketing, web design, web development or SEO company in the industry.

Our well drawn hierarchy provides separate departments for each of our services right from planning, design, development, marketing to maintenance. Our development methods effectively manage and handle of all these departments to produce amazing results. So whatever be your project we are a one-stop solution for all your online business requirements.

Interested in seeing what U adn Me Advertising can do for your business? Allow us to demonstrate the power of premium web development.